Intermodulations Distortion Measurement with dual sine signal 60Hz/9kHz and -3/-15dB
Screenshots audioTester V2.0
Frequency sweep in asyncron mode. Extern signal: a sweep 20Hz 20kHz from a mp3 file via winamp.
Frequency responce of an active 2-way speaker system
Blue line : woofer
Red line : tweeter
You can also select different line styles, important for printouts via laser printer (b/w)
Frequency sweep of a double-T-Circuit Measurement of gain and phase with two independent Y-Axis
Audiotester is working with an optional available ASIO Driver with 96kHz sample frequency and 32 bit datawidth. This allows e.g. distortion measurement up to 48kHz. With a suitable soundcard, possible measurement up to 192kHz sample frequency