Measurement with a digital special speaker system
Test device: Zero series 4 channel LS System with DSP and digital amplifier TI
Sound card: M-Audio Mobile Pre
Remark: Measuerement at subwoofer channel with DSP-Setup
from PC-Config-Program

Screenshots audioTester V3.0
Lissajue figure oscilloscope
Record Player Thorens TD145
Right channel 0dB 1kHz, left channel silence
Crosstalk R->L -26,4dB (see above)
Turns around 1% to slow (991 to 1000Hz)
Distortion 3,3% @ 1kHz (Band 2 is in the middle of the record)
Impedance Disco Box

Sound Output with free formulas
Formula above produce the triangel wave form

Only for licensed users


Time domain filter, free configured