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Versions History V3.0

V3.0d Build 46 2022/February/07 Error in version data

V3.0d Build 45 2022/February/06 pink noise and filter SW fixed for sample frequencies above 48kHz

V3.0d Build 34 2021/February/15 Some improvements in Sound Out Setup and internals fixed

V3.0d Build 33 2021/January/18 New Sound ASIO DLL V4.45

V3.0d Build 33 2021/January/08 Rework Impulse Measurement. Shows act. *.cor File

V3.0d Build 32 2020/November/02 Network File Handling fixed

V3.0d Build 31 2020/September/20 File Handling fixed

V3.0d Build 30 2020/August/06 Help File works, diagram improved

V3.0d Build 29 2020/April/15 Level input (Sound Out Setup) improved, add Measurement text color in diagram setup

V3.0d Build 28 2019/March/15 Fixed error in Calibration channels

V3.0d Build 27 2017/August/22 Fixed ASIO Sound Parameter Dlg. on/off sound channel

V3.0d Build 26 2017/August/17 One more time Sound Out Setup dialog fixed, Flickering in Oszi screen fixed, X/Y Mode in Osci fixed

V3.0d Build 25 2017/August/15 Sound Out Setup dialog fixed

V3.0d Build 24 2017/June/7 Samplerates improved, cursor measurement fixsd

V3.0d Build 23 2017/March/9 Logmessage improved, diagram restoring fixed, font changed

V3.0d Build 22 2017/Feb/28 Fixed error in output level (thanks to Jens Hansen for importent hints) fixed some wrong german dialog text (thanks to Tony Rogers for importent hints and many suggestiona) New mouse cursor measurement in osci screen

V3.0d Build 21 2016/Dec/22 fixed error in info dialog, fixed error in output correction, experimental SF up to 384kHz in ASIO driver

V3.0d Build 20 2016/Feb/28 fixed some problems in german help file

V3.0d Build 19 2016/Jan/01 ASIO DLL improved, problem with UR22 fixed

V3.0d Build 18 2014/Nov/23 Fixed an error in soundasio.dll.

V3.0d Build 16 2014/July/20 Fixed some display errors running with WIN7 aero themes.

V3.0d Build 15 2014/March/17 X-Axis manually scaleable. Update help file.

V3.0d Build 14 2014/February/08 Impulse Measurement: Fixed problem in single measurements. Update help file.

V3.0d Build 13 2013/December/21 Rework Impulse Measurement. Fixed problem in loading Presets.

V3.0d Build 12 2013/August/27 Fixed error in asio DLL (changing ips length while running).

V3.0d Build 11 2013/August/25 New english help file, many thanks to Brian Willis for reworking! Extra list for BiQuads in time domain filter. Reworking of the numeric levels for all different FFT-Windows.

V3.0d Build 6 2012/October/13 Fixed some problems with playing of wave and mp3 files. No functional restrictions in shareware version

V3.0d Build 5 2012/August/3 Fixed some problems with SoundDirect DLL

V3.0d Build 3 2012/April/7 Rework Time Domain Filter Dialog and Help File

V3.0d Build 2 2012/January/20 Fixed some problems on fresh Windows Installations

V3.0d Build 1 2011/December/29 New compiler version, Jpeg data saving extended, Shareware using decreased to 10 min. measurement time

V3.0c Build 14 2011/November/12 Error in SoundFile.DLL fixed

V3.0c Build 13 2011/November/5 Error in TSP Output fixed, ASIO improved, Shareware using increased to 15 min. measurement time

V3.0c Build 12 2011/August/27 Dist. vs frequency improved

V3.0c Build 11 2011/August/16 FFT Dialog fixed

V3.0c Build 10 2011/August/13 Sweep Measurement improved

V3.0c Build 9 2011/July/30 ASIO DLL improved

V3.0c Build 6 2011/July/17 Text results improved

V3.0c Build 5 2011/July/11 TSP Parameter fixed

V3.0c Build 4 2011/July/03 TSP Windows fixed, Help files corrected

V3.0c Build 3 2011/March/27 Position Dialog in multi screen enviroments

V3.0c Build 2 2011/Febr/22 Text measurement fixed

V3.0c Build 1 2011/Febr/25 Colored text measurement results,Improvements in some details. New Compiler.

V3.0b Build 19 2010/Dect/18 Improvements in some details. Measrurement of Modulations Distortions, remeasuring of stored curves in 'Tools', improments in WaF Measurements

V3.0b Build 4 2010/Oct/08 Error in S/N fixed, rework sound DLLs

V3.0b Build 3 2010/Aug/01 Distortion vs. Power/Voltage advanced, Time Domain Filter
now also for output tones

V3.0b Build 2 2010/June/26 Preset error fixed, distortion vs. voltage improved

V3.0b Build 1 2010/June/23 Workaround SoundDLLs V3.35, Sound File Output, faster access to sound properties (status bar click), one click for saving diagram datas to disk

V3.0a Build 23 2010/June/10 ASIO DLL V3.33

V3.0a Build 22 2010/June/3 ASIO DLL fixed, impulse measurement improved, help file updated

V3.0a Build 20 2010/Mai/15 SoundDirect updated, ASIO DLL fixed, group delay in impulse measurement added, help file updated

V3.0a Build 16 2010/Apr/22 Error in SoundDirect fixed, error at closing main window fixed, for licensed user time domain filter and Wow and Flutter measurement

V3.0a Build 15 2010/Apr/03 Mixer Support improved, Performance improved, Error in
Find Fundamental fixed, Help system enhanced

V3.0a Build 14 2010/Mar/30 Mixer Support improved

V3.0a Build 13 2010/Mar/29 Diagram Peak calculation improved. Button colors via Ini-File

V3.0a Build 12 2010/Mar/26 Calibration osci fixed. Resized help files. Resized PDF files

V3.0a Build 11 2010/Mar/23 getWinVersion fixed

V3.0a Build 10 2010/Mar/23 Pink Noise Display Filter Initialization fixed.

V3.0a Build 9 2010/Mar/18 Sound output with formula interpreter.

V3.0a Build 8 2010/Mar/16 Channel Color Oscilloscope changed. Error in Saving Osci Pictures fixed. Samplefreq. in 3D Diagram fixed.

V3.0a Build 7 2010/Mar/13 Thread Error Sound Out fixed for Win98. Many thanks to Mr. Glimbotzki for helpfull tests! Improvements for Win98. Selectable color for main window.ove

V3..0a Build 5 2010/Mar/5 Oscilloscope improvement

V3..0a Build 4 2010/Mar/5 Modifications in SoundDLL handling, SoundDirect DLL fixed, free colors for integrated oscilloscope. Many thanks to Mr. Hartmann for helpfull tests!

V3..0a Build 1 2010/Feb/18 complete rework in design and code, integrated oscilloscope. New help file with many examples in measurement.

V3.0d Build 46

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